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خواستگاری آسان

یک آدم حسابی می گردم

در عنفوان جوانی بودم،تازه هجده ساله شده بودم و به قول معروف بالغ شده بودم. حال و هوای دیگری در سر داشتم. شور و هیجان جوانی،دلم می خواست عاشق کسی بشوم. دلم می خواست یک همسر پیدا می کردم. دلم می خواست با یکی درددل کنم،ولی راهش را بلد نبودم. پیش یکی از دوستان پدرم […]

Let’s act out from our deepest point of bravery

As Sara kos tang

I’m Sara, I live in Germany and work deeply passionate in the frame of peace work connected to Iran. Just these days a very respected teacher of mine described bravery as a non-macho act coming from the place of vulnerability. To my understanding this place has its center inside us, where deep peace and simply […]

Iranian Dokhtar say No to War kos ایرانی سکس


I’m an Iranian in Denmark & I don’t want war, I love all nations. سکس چت تهران چت اصفهان چت فیلم سکسی مشهد چت جوان ايراني گی فیلم سکس کانال پورن تلگرام

Sadaf and Daniel – NOT ready to die in YOUR WAR


We became friends online and met in Germany, having a great time together. We love your campaign and our wish is see our photo as part of it with the anti-war message. It would mean a lot to us! Thank you so much for what you are doing and don’t stop! سکس چت تهران چت […]

Keep spreading the love

I am an American/Israeli who made Israel my home for 5 years, I now live in Holland.  Before I moved to Israel I was your typical American Jew regarding Israel, with nothing to rely on but the mainstream media I believed what I saw on CNN and believed that Israel was right to be tough […]

Next chapter in The March of Folly

Aks super

I do not love Iranians nor do I love Israelis (I live in Israel) as a people – I love individuals.  However, I do respect the rights, aspirations and hopes of all peoples to live in peace, to enjoy a decent standard of living and to expect  that all men will tolerate and respect the […]


4 persian hotties

I was born and grew up in Iran, Tehran. I moved سکس چت تهران چت اصفهان چت فیلم سکسی مشهد چت جوان ايراني گی فیلم سکس کانال پورن تلگرام

عکس سکسی

From Mississippi with love to Iran


سکس چت تهران چت اصفهان چت فیلم سکسی مشهد چت جوان ايراني گی فیلم سکس کانال پورن تلگرام

Demonstrate love

س کس چت

If so much love for one’s fellow man can exist – and I’m certainty that this is indeed the case – why then does such an abundance of hatred, fear and discord also persist? Is there some strange alchemy that requires so many divergent passions and qualities to be present in each and every one […]

Three and a half!!

I LOVE YOU IRAN!  I actually know three and a half Iranians (one’s mother is from Tehran) and I LOVE THEM!  I LOVE ISRAEL TOO!  I can’t wait to come and visit your countries some day.  I hope it is soon!  Until then, much love and well wishes.  Please take care of one another.  All […]