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کانال سکسی تلگرام

تلگرام کانال سکسی

  کانال سک 30 داستان سکسی – تو ی شرکت تبلیغاتی ب عنوان ی تلگرام – عکس کردن سکسی دختر ایرانی تبلیغات که درکانال قرارمیگیردراتاییدیارد نمیکنیم صحتشان را خودتان بررسی کنید آدرس بات تعرفه تبلیغات در اینج ارتباط با ما هماهنگی تبلیغات تنها در روزهای […]

مزه ی جندگی رفته زیر دندونم, اول خانمها/ تقدم با خانمهاست

جیگر کلاه قرمزی

حال دادن دکتر به کون مامان رضا خانم دکتر فداکار سکس دوم با ساسان مزه ی جندگی رفته زیر دندونم جیگر کلاه قرمزی – داستان سکسی Dear friends,I am a Jew living in Geneva, Switzerland. I have been to Israel several times and have lot of Iranian friends. I do have some language basics in both Farsi […]

Switzerland عکس کون گنده

دکتری با فکرای کثیف عکس های خفن

عکس هستOur Jewish friends love Iranians! we all meet twice a year to do snowboarding in Laax Switzerland. We all want peace and friendship and not bombs and war. our common interests are of love and compaction and of a shared future. Let’s work all together in sharing the love, not the hate!!!  I have […]

پاهای سکسی داستان کون سکسی

کون گنده

Peace from America As a Russian American Jew I respect the culture and religion of Iran and I think through cultural exchange and dialogue instead of bombs we can make the world a better place. I will never vote for any politician who is saying to start a war with Iran, we have no reason […]

No war! فقط به اون کون دادم


با سلام میخوام داستان کون دادنم رو به کسی که تا الان شش بار فقط به اون کون دادم رو بگم… *** دیگه ۲۶ سالم شده و چهار ماه قبل از سام خواستم که بازم منو بکنه البته بعد اینکه سه سال بهش کون ندادم بخاطر دوری راهمون قرار شد من برم تو باغ سوئیتش […]

Words from Joe

Hi there, my name is Joe Gee and I am a law student in San Francisco.  As an American Jew who loves Israel, I am forever grateful that you are showing the true side of such a cosmopolitan and peaceful nation.  Your work gives me so much hope for the future, helping bring nations together […]

My best friend Mehran


Mehran, [email protected]: It was 1997 when I entered to Politechnico Di Milano and I was an student from Iran! Most of people were afraid of making friendship with me, but the only guy that became my frist and the best friends was an Israeli junior student, Solomon. Now I know he is living in the […]

We are all… one heart

dokhtar farsi فیلم حیوانات

dokhtar farsi فیلم حیواناتOne love, one heart let’s get together and feel all right hear the children crying (one love) hear the children crying (one heart) sayin’, “give thanks and praise to the Lord and i will feel all right.” sayin’, “let’s get together and feel all right.” whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa let them all […]

Love you – love from 2 Jews in California

Iranian people we love you! We are two Jews with family in Israel.   We like dressing up and going to weddings.  We like singing on bridges. We like to drink hot cocoa by the fireplace.  We’d love to get together, dress up, sing, and dance across this great imaginary divide. Love Rae and Infinity […]