History of War: destruction

War is a cheap solution to a complex problem. Fighting over land, fighting over political power, fighting over religion. If the Iranians, Palestinians and the Israeli’s would give up there insistence on being right, religiously, politically and historically and really seek to find solutions to the Arab/Israeli conflict, you wouldn’t need these kinds of websites. We Americans bombed the hell out of the Japanese in World War 2, however that never needed to be the case. The Japanese always had the potential to be the beautiful and productive society they are today. They simply had to stop insisting they were a “chosen” race of people, and others were not.

That kind of psychology leads to nothing but megalomania, and ultimately war. If both sides really want to avoid war, what that really means is giving up your rigid beliefs and, for once, really communicating about the real needs of people on both sides. Those needs are group but also individual, and they can be met if both your people would just GIVE a little bit at a time. I’ll bet if a Palestinian was in need of shelter, or food, there would be many Israeli’s who would scoff and look the other way. I dare any common Israeli citizen, NOT THE ISRAELI GOV’T, to go into the Gaza Strip and offer food and clothing, or a place to stay to any Palestinian….. why doesn’t this ever happen? Why don’t the Palestinians offer support for the Israeli Govt. if the Israeli Govt. offers seats in there parliament to a reputable elected official in Palestine? You may laugh but its thoughts like these, NOT WE ARE SUPERIOR TO YOU, that will make real lasting change. Threats do not make change. Bombs do not make change. It wasn’t a bomb that ousted Gaddafi. It was the people of Libya that wanted rid of a dictator.

It was their cooperative will that got rid of him. The Syrians the same. The Tunisians the same. People are sick and tired of being oppressed, whether its in China or the Middle East. If the Israeli’s really love the Iranians…..damn well prove it! Start MANY mutual businesses between Israeli, Palestinian and Iranian citizens. Have all three govt.’s give incentives to do so. Offer scholarships and govt. programs to Israeli, Palestinian and Iranian students to study abroad each others cultures, in eachother’s countries. Your people historically come from the exact same place in the middle east and the mediterranean. What are the chances you have cultural, linguistic, and religious…..YES RELIGIOUS, similarities? Why is this never mentioned? Why are you not looking, GOING OUT OF YOUR WAY, to look for common ground?

All i ever hear on the news is war, war, war. Where are the the true peace lovers of both countries…..why aren’t you demonstrating? Why aren’t you telling your elected officials that you want to help make peace. Offer your business, your time, your house! Don’t talk……do! Start up a damn think tank with Iranians and Israelis and Palestinians…..make businesses, make parks, make communities. Refuse to argue…..! Find solutions! Change your old antiquated ways….for the good of both your peoples children! Don’t you think its about time? I do……