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History of War: destruction

تو ی شرکت تبلیغاتی ب عنوان ی

War is a cheap solution to a complex problem. Fighting over land, fighting over political power, fighting over religion. If the Iranians, Palestinians and the Israeli’s would give up there insistence on being right, religiously, politically and historically and really seek to find solutions to the Arab/Israeli conflict, you wouldn’t need these kinds of websites. […]

Aks Dokhtar sexy سکس ایرانی دختر

خیلی‌ درد داشت

❥ دختر ایرانی ❥ فیلم سوپر سوپر ایرانی عکس آلبوم عکس سکس خارجی عکس فیلم سوپر آموزش آمیزش تصویری قم صیغه سکسی ایرانی     Aks Sexy Dokhtar     سکس چت تهران چت اصفهان چت فیلم سکسی مشهد چت جوان ايراني گی فیلم سکس کانال پورن تلگرام

Loek ولین س.کصم بافریبا

Loek سکسی

با سلام خدمت دوستانی،میخوام داستان س.کص دو هفته پیشم رو با زنی مطلقه و بسیار زیبا و س.کصی به نام فریبا تعریف کنم،اسم خودم محسن ،راستش بهم میگن خیلی خوش تیپی،قد 190وزن 78سنم 23ساله،فریبا مادر زن داداشممه 39سالشه ولی اصلا بهش نمیخوره درخت 20ساله داشته باشه،از اولین روز که دیدمش متوجه نگاههای سنگینش شدم،یه شب […]

عکس سکسی

People do not want wars اووف عجب عکسی

Kardan couple

I’m writing at the moment from Tel-Aviv, but in the last 5 years I live abroad, 2 years in the States, and 3 years in Berlin, my home at the moment. Between 95-97 I was a soldier in the IDF at the office of the chief of general stuff, later on I volunteered in Machsom-watch, an organization of […]

عکس سکسی

Chris from Germany

kasi hast

Hi my name is Chris and I live in Germany, but I my parents are from Mazandaran Iran. the People are very hospitable and i love the centuries-old culture. I just wan to share my love to this nation. Not only for the countries of Israel and Iran. This is important for all countries. Ultimately, […]

Irani stories داستان سکسی

کردنه مشتری

Erotic Stories from Iran about all the hidden sexual urges and needs that are being suppressed by the Iranian government that is controlling and spying on it’s own people with harsh and rigid rules and punishments against basic human rights like use of drugs and substances, sexual liberation, outside marriage relations, alcohol consumption and general […]

عکس سکسی

شانـا Tova تمام!

اسباب بازی

Tova شانـا. شما ممکن است خوب و Kir 5773 شیرین! لو، استونی. Aks kir mikham سکس چت تهران چت اصفهان چت فیلم سکسی مشهد چت جوان ايراني گی فیلم سکس کانال پورن تلگرام

Isabelle Antwerp, Belgium

Hello there, I am a 46 year old European liberal jew, born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. My parents were teenagers during WWII. Both of them survived, but were deeply traumatized for the rest of their lives. As a matter of fact, they passed their trauma on to me. Thus I am what psychoanalysts call […]

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HELLO lovers of the world, سکس چت تهران چت اصفهان چت فیلم سکسی مشهد چت جوان ايراني گی فیلم سکس کانال پورن تلگرام

عکس سکسی

I Fear though I Love Israel, Iran, USA, etc.

عکس سکسی ژاپنی

Though I love you people and don’t want a war, I fear it will happen anyway. The British Financial Empire and their American muscle on Wall St., the so-called US President etc. need either a war or a total surrender to their power. But Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China are not going to back […]