From Mississippi with love to Iran

Persians-with-Hookah-colombia, NYC Dallas

I am an American. I have no middle eastern descent, no Persian or Jewish blood (that I know of). But I believe we are all brothers and sisters, and I love you dearly.I have been to Israel, and Iran is the country I most want to visit some day. Israel was full of beautiful, loving people. I know Iran is also full of beautiful, loving people. What a wonderful gift that two beautiful, loving nations should get to be neighbors with one another!

I know that love is the strongest thing in the world. I know that love is enough to break the spine of war. Love is enough to uproot hatred. Love is enough to change the way we see one another. Love wins in the end. Always.

My beautiful Iranian friends, my beautiful Israeli friends, if I ever see you in person, I will hug you, kiss you, and tell you with tears in my eyes how much I love you, and how good God is that He should create such resplendent people and allow us to live on this planet together. If you are ever in the US, even if I am poor and have little to offer, I will offer everything I have to share it with you, because I know that you would do the same for me.

Here’s to love, and not war, and friends all over the planet. God bless Iran and God bless Israel!