Keep spreading the love

I am an American/Israeli who made Israel my home for 5 years, I now live in Holland.  Before I moved to Israel I was your typical American Jew regarding Israel, with nothing to rely on but the mainstream media I believed what I saw on CNN and believed that Israel was right to be tough and not concede.

After living there and seeing Palestinian people and the faces beyond the media I learned that we are all just people, and that if you take away nationality we all just want to live our lives, build our families and enjoy life.  And even though I do not know any Iranians personally I know that is what they want too.  War is created by governments and those who wish to profit from it.

What you have done is a beautiful, wonderful thing, thank you.

I don’t want this (or any) war.  There’s no such thing as a good war or a bad peace.

Keep spreading the love,

Dana Meijler-Gross