People do not want wars اووف عجب عکسی

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Kardan coupleI’m writing at the moment from Tel-Aviv, but in the last 5 years I live abroad, 2 years in the States, and 3 years in Berlin, my home at the moment. Between 95-97 I was a soldier in the IDF at the office of the chief of general stuff, later on I volunteered in Machsom-watch, an organization of Israeli women for human rights in the occupied territories. I was evident to 4 explosions in Tel-Aviv during my life there, was visiting in Palestinian villages, and saw the life conditions there, saw the daily life in the check-points, and do not agree with any act of occupation, violent or war.

عکس سکسی
عکس سکسی
عکس سکسی

In Germany I’m writing my PhD in philosophy, I have close friends from all over the world, among them from Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Iran. People who do not live in their mother-lands (like me) and in a neutral environment can react to the human side of the others. I wish the normality of our daily life at the moment in Berlin was the role. I wish for creativity freedom and peace.