People before Country or Religion

Sexy_Gisele_in_Ford خنده دارWhen I was in high school I lived in Tucson Arizona USA. My first regular job I worked for a man and woman who were from Lebanon. They had a small Lebanese restaurant. I learned a great deal from these two people. Mr. A. was a Muslim and Mrs. A. was a Catholic Christian and had been married over 30 years when I started to work for them. They often told me of how easily and peacefully Christians, Muslims and Jews got along in Lebanon during both of their child hoods. But politics made a mess of the place in the 70s and they left to live in America. I was very happy working for Mr. A. as he was hard working but always quick to tell you when you have done a good job.

Working for them and seeing that they both could practice their own religion and still be a happy married couple taught me a lot. I learned the most important lesson. People are important to God not countries or religions. Reason and understanding is as important as faith. I have since studied several religions and had the chance to travel out of my country around the world. And time and time again I have found that people are people and all we really want is the opportunity to work and live well with our family and friends. It seems that when some one places ideas such as country, race or religion above people then problems begin. So people should always come first.


D of USA