I Fear though I Love Israel, Iran, USA, etc.

Though I love you people and don’t want a war, I fear it will happen anyway.  The British Financial Empire and their American muscle on Wall St., the so-called US President etc. need either a war or a total surrender to their power.  But Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China are not going to back down, which is not surprising.  That means until we get the Glass-Steagall law, that is a 1930s-style Franklin Roosevelt  type bankruptcy reorganization in the United States, the war is still on.  If they don’t start it in Israel-Iran, they will start it around N.Korea-Japan, or around Syria-Turkey.

If you do not put the system into bankruptcy reorganization, the gamblers, the dope money launderers, and the British Financial Empire will continue to finance the war propaganda, just as U.S. statesman Lyndon LaRouche and www.larouchepac.com have warned.  Right now we still face imminent thermonuclear destruction, and that is worldwide.  So keep the love, but let’s get serious.

In the Middle East, we should demand government credit for financing water projects all over the Middle East, from Egypt to Iran and further.  That includes the canal to the Egypt Qattara Depression, the Red Sea-Dead Sea Canal in Israel-Palestine, the railroads from Egypt to Iran, the water projects in Iran, nuclear energy projects for all, etc.  If they ask where the money comes from, tell them that first we are putting your masters into bankruptcy reorganization, and then issuing credit through national banks for great projects.  That will stop the war, and they will go ape-crazy, but that is it, or else, goodbye my loves.