Boarders Without Borders | Opening Dialogue Through Mutual Interest

We need YOU to help and this can only be made possible with everyone’s support. Because of the sensitive subject being addressed in the film, viewer engagement is essential to the success of the production.

Boarders Without Borders is a film that follows three professional American snowboarders (USA Olympic Gold Medalist Hannah Teter & Gabi Viteri) on a journey to the uncharted yet world class mountains of Iran. Over the course of the film they befriend Iranian youth snowboarders and exchange with them their love of the sport. It is here that they will explore their shared passion that transcends the cultural divide, creating an understanding between two seemingly disparate nations.

Boarders Without Borders has been in development for several years, owing to the political and regulatory considerations of embarking on such a project. Lawyers specializing in US import/ export exemptions with Iran are working with the film’s producers to secure the OFAC licenses through the Treasury Department that are required for the production team to travel to and shoot in Iran. The head of the Iran Ski & Snowboard Association is working with the film’s producers to secure co-operation from the Iranian government with all necessary permits for the production team’s visit to their country. Sports diplomacy exemptions are being used with both countries’ regulators.

Please take a moment and spread the message of peace…