Aks khareji models عکس عاشقانه, عکس سوپر

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عکس سوپر


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Girl with a Russian-hatI’m from Karācī, I love this campaign and I’ll tell you why I believe it is going to be a success. It’s actually a very simple joke. There is nothing stronger than Love (عکس سوپر) and laughing. You’re either living in Love or Fear. It looks like the world is waking up to the reality that if you’re sending Loving vibes then you will attract Loving experiences which I believe with counter these wars. Can’t you just feel the Love in the air? My prediction to you is that this Love is going to keep spreading throughout 2015 and beyond. Only growing in strength from here on out until there is peace on earth. :)

 عکس عاشقانه, عکس سوپر
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