PEACE For the middle east

Nima-Nizar akseHello Everyone!!!

Our names are Nima & Nizar. We’re  27, 26 years old live now in Germany. A couple of years ago we was in Kibbutz Ein Gev as a volunteers. This time was a very unique experience that brought me closer to the people of the Israel than I ever thought it would!

Everytime we watched the news it makes us so sad watching the governments of Israel, Iran and Syria ignoring and disregarding their own people´s wants and wishes!!! In our opinion these are no governments of the people, but governments of political and economical interests! They don´t really care… not even about 500 human life´s… not about all the children who will loose their moms and dads!!!! They simply don´t care about destroying their little lifes before it really started. I guess I can never believe it is true what I see!! It´s all in the name of money and power!

We think that the most powerful and richest people are the ones who are able to make themselves being accepted and tolerated as they are. The ones who can reach hands and forgive, giving love and believe in their neighbors!

So… Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Ahmadinedschad: Prove the world you are able to carry that responsibility you were elected for! Stop playing hidden games and start to work hard for your people… not for your CEO´s!!!

Make our children be able to travel an Israel as beautiful and peaceful as I experienced it!!! You have beautiful countries with lovely people who want PEACE!!!!


Best Regards from Leipzig/ Germany,

Nima & Nizar