Not another war!

Zahara from GermanyHallo,

I’m Zahra from Germany.

My father comes from Iraq, Falluja. Later, in 2003, begun the war in Iraq and the family of my father where there, during the the offence of the american soldier in 2004. Many people died. The family had to flee.

In autumn 2003 I was the first time in syria. Since then, I visited this beautiful country three times. I met so many friendly and open-hearted people and got friends. They lived in Aleppo. Since some weeks I don’t get any messages from them. So I have only to hope…

In 2008 I visited the firs time Jordan. This springtime I where the second time there. I love this place. I stood two times on the mountain Nebo, saw the Dead Sea and behind Palastine and Israel.

I think, it is time to come together and fight the only one war it is worth to fight: For Peace in the whole Middle East. Everywhere are human beings, they want to live, to love and to meet friends. They are our and your brothers and sisters. They are not enemies. The real enemy is the politician, who push you forward into war, who push you to die.

There is no reason to die. But there are to many reasons for peace and friendship.