Lokht Irani, Communication is the way


I am Claudia and I live in Germany. I have friends and people I love in the African desert. I haven´t seen them for a long time – I don´t get a visa since trouble in the region has gotten worse. I am so longing to get in contact and to be sure everyone is safe!

Is there anybody affected by war who is actually really interested in war? I don´t think so. I believe people are interested in fulfilling their needs: For getting nurtured, for protection, for fun and play, rest, love, freedom, creativity, understanding, meaning. All over the world, we are equal in this. We may differ only in the strategies we choose to meet our needs.

So let´s stop fighting about how things are to be done. Let´s start talking about what is really important to us, what it comes down to. And then let´s find ways to meet our needs in a way so that everyone benefits. I know, from my very own everyday experience, that this is possible. And communication is the way!

Thank you for giving people a platform on which to state their willingness to communicate! Keep going! Keep talking peace!