Armenians, I love you. Turkish citizen

I am a Turkish citizen. I don’t know how to make a website. I want to say to all the Armenians live in this world; I love you all. 

About 15 years ago I learned belly dancing. My teacher and I went to an Armenian elderly peoples hospital to offer the patients a belly dancing show to entertain them. It was my first service to the Armenian people in my life. Then last year I met an Armenian lady who really helped me with my private matters. She can speak turkish like me. 

I never paid any attention to Armenian cause because we grow up learning at school that, we killed European enemies including Armenians in war because they wanted to get our land from us. But we also learnt that we Turks come to this very same land from Central Asia. But non of us really thought about these things, because they were no more than history lessons at school for us little children. 

Lately I saw Armenian people are demanding apology from Turks. I want to say sorry for all that happened to Armenians. I am sorry. My government and some people in my country have big historic pride and can not feel compassion for other people. Please forgive them for having not realised your pain yet. I believe it will soon change. Another reason they don’t accept it and get furious about it is because they feel offended and feel blamed. They can not yet realise that they were not even born yet at the time when the killings were taking place. Forgive them for that too, because they are still carrying the burden of guilt that their grand grandfathers were responsible for. 

I hope this can help you feel better. I will in the future try to serve more for Armenian people. I will challenge them if I meet any Turks ignorant about the Armenian cause. Please forgive us. We will love you. We will want to be friends with you. We will want to care for you. 

A Turkish Person