Germany loves Iran, By: Linda aus Deutschland

I met two smart, intelligent and beautiful woman from Iran through the internet.

They both shared their persian culture with me, so I learned a lot about persian art of living and poetry. They enlightened me and I enjoyed their company. I had some great philosophic dialogues with them.

Without them I would never had the chance to broaden my horizon further. Now I’m on fire for these country, on fire of interest and on fire of love and on fire of understanding.

I don’t want to miss both of them anymore.

Virtual communication can let prejudice break down, it’s an opportunity for tolerance and participation. 

I’am hopeful that this project will spread.

Keep up the good work!

If it’s true that everybody knows everybody around six corners then everybody is connected with everybody and should take care. 

Iranians we love you!

We will never bomb your country!

Linda aus Deutschland