I did not allways like humans

I love all humans,
I did not always like humans
I think I was only human
I think others were not
I think they do not care like me
I stopped caring about them
I want to hurt them, showing what not caring means, my hart tells me not !!
I do not understand,becase I want ! and think is good for them
I know now I became like them
I hate myself now
I did not want to live anymore
I did not understand, the purpose of ME becoming THEM,and the loss of my humanity
I failed!!!
I woke up
I did NOT fail myself !
I failed to see the humans in others
I can become them, so they can become me
I think humans act like they do, because they dont know who we are.
I think we are all one.
I can not be happy if you are not
I love you
I wil never heurt you
I want to be your friend
I know nou what They are, and at the same time I know what I ame
I know wat I ame , and I know wat I can be,Its all up to me

In my hart I always know YOU were ME , but it did’t LOOK that way you SEE

I will not hurt anybody and I will protest if my government say/do other wise
You are not alone !!! not alone !! We love you

I hope YOU can read what I wrote