Peace, Love, Beauty

I love both Israel and Iran, though I come from neither. These are two countries overflowing with beautiful peaceful people. When I first went to Iran, I couldn’t believe how kind the people were, how rich Persian culture is and how 99.9% of what we read in the media is 100% disconnected from reality. When I first went to Israel, I had a similar experience.

Having lived and worked in many countries, I have come to realize that people are just people. They want to live a good life, offer their children a better life, learn, work, love, and be healthy and safe. Let us not let fear and hatred could reality!

When I saw this campaign a few days ago, spring came to my heart! It is truly a wonder to see people express what they feel and stand up for what they believe. I am grateful to Ronny for being the spark behind this outpouring of love, and to everyone else – you give me faith in humanity and in a bright peaceful future.

A month ago, I was scared there would be war. Now, if we all continue voicing our love and refusal of violence, I am confident that this will be impossible. Already so many new bridges have been built between people, may this be the prelude to a new era of understanding and love!

My nationality and religion are not important; that I wish for peace and understanding is.

With All My Love,