We’re all tired of war.

I took interest in this story and am happy to know that it’s gaining momentum. I don’t know of one single person who wants war and I’m willing to bet that you feel the same way. Of course I’m talking about your school buddies, your co-workers, your mom, dad, you get the picture. I’m not talking about the “machine”…or whatever that may mean. But you know, the politics that control our thoughts…or so they think.

Tell me why, if we all want to live in peace, is there so much talk of war in the world? Pretty ridiculous, huh? I mean, between my day job, kids and grand kids, I HARDLY have the energy for war, lol. it isn’t coming from me or anyone who I know…at all!

Please keep this peace idea going, Let it grow into something that can’t be beaten or quelled by a few idiots…idiots who live in the past.

I wish with all of my heart that today’s technology, namely computers and ipads, etc., are going to allow the world to meet each other. Allow everyone to come out of hiding and learn that we are all just brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, daughters, sons, etc. We’re just people trying to live our lives.

A big thanks to the people who started this idea and another huge thanks to all who have joined in. This may be the biggest thing since sliced bread? or is it pita? or baguette? or, …whatever it is, I think it’s great :)