Opportunity to learn

Good afternoon everybody. I am born and raised in Muslim. I didn’t know before. These days I am realise Muslims has big ego unfortunately. They all the time talking about their previous good history and cultures from ages ago. This time is not for talking previous war or successful culture histories. i watched Christian and israel people. They can sometimes show compassion for people in the world doesn’t matter what religion. Muslims I know and watched always hate for different religion reason. If someone is not Muslim they just hate. They don’t look people and feel any compassion, they just hate automatically.
I realise this but too late for me. I am embarrased. Because i am like this before, I didn’t notice. I want to tell all people have religion Islam here please learn better ways from other people. Never believe you are the best. It is foolish. Don’t make everybody laugh at you. Better learn good way now may be too late after die. Never now. For believe from what our family and country said before how do we know is for sure best? We didn’t learn other people what learned for better. Today we can teach and learn from facebook and internet about good ways other people have. We can make change in our life. We can learn better happiness from other country people. If we believe we are the best and we can hate them always we can never learn better happiness they know. Try if you hear some good words and make you feel happy, then better follow a new way. That can help save for peace in this world and can help everybody happy.