Time for Peace

I am a 40 years old Frenchman and i remenber two situations..

First one was with this Iranian gentleman in the street. He came to me and asked where he could buy a suit, so i told him where. Then, we started to talk a little bit. His hotel was around the corner, he was here on a business trip and we started to talk a little bit about work & business related issues. He even invited to join a conference at the hotel he was staying.I politely declined.

Last Christmas , i was in Toledo, Spain with my parents and we has planned to visit the synagogue there which appeared to be closed that day. Next to us were this group of four people. One of the man asked if we knew something about the synagogue if it will be opened that day. I started to speak with this gentleman. Then, i said ” im taking modern Hebrew clases just because i like it as hobby”. So we swap into Hebrew( my level is close to zero” but the few i could say to him, if you would have seen his eyes, they were wet. Lovely man as well as his wife.Great moment.

From the People TO the People, So true…

I’m French,Catholic and ive never been to Israel nor Iran.

“Its not about what you look like, its about what you are made of” …