Great! We now have a real website.

Empowered with the free services of Internet, Facebook, YouTube and alike, people all over the world are now able to express a truer democracy, bypassing governments and news medias that feed us with disinformation. As we are witnessing in recent years, the flood of expressed opinions and concerns of simple citizens over the Net, has been very instrumental in deposing dictatorships, and shifting the political powers from the conventional ruling classes, to the people. This unprecedented expression of democracy is at its infancy and will certainly change the political arenas of numerous countries. It is therefore time to tackle important issues such as armed conflicts, which, from the dawn of humanity, have led, against their own will, millions, if not billions, of people into wars. Entire populations had no other choice but to sacrifice their own life, once their government’s leaders decided to take their country into war. It is now in our reach to easily solicit the will and the approbation of majorities, to go or not into a war, and see to it that it is the people, and not the usual select few, that take that decision.

We now have to fine tune these resources and use them best, to stop the nonsense of wars.

I propose, along with everything already at work, to setup on this website, a petition that would gather signatures of people all over the world, whom are clearly opposed to this potential war in between Israel and Iran. A war that may threaten more than just these two countries. This petition shall be used to put pressure on our own governments to take the right steps on this issue.

This open forum between people of all nations, will most likely lead to more creative solutions and alternatives to all armed conflicts. It is as always, the lack of knowledge, information and understanding of other nations that induces populations into fear of each other and consequently into wars. Let us see how we can overcome this deficit and force our governments to allow us to live “by the Ballot and not by the Bullet”.

All the power to you Ronny and to the movement you have started.