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Dear Mr. Ahmadinejad / Dear Mr. Netanyahu

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Dear Mr. Ahmadinejad / Dear Mr. Netanyahu Why do we choose the path of war and can thereby obtain to judge about the right of innocent people? Are we no longer able to open us, to jump over our own shadow, to go into the light and thus reach the reason? Are words not the language of the soul? Is the heart not the feeling of our thinking? The equality of all cultures must draw the people, this pure child of nature is destined to virtue and liberty. The weapons can be passed on and can therefore draw more victims to indeterminate fates in the abyss. New doors to open are on the contrary not any feelings of shame, humiliation or dishonor. To close doors and thus to be going a witness of sorrow, what will be added to another person, to feel is pain should rather awaken our compassion and care. This is not a sign of weakness, from which the other might benefit. It is this ideology which obscures the consciousness of the humanity. An “eye for an eye” only makes people go blind. It should be called “Heart to Heart” so that we can always feel each other. The love to the people is the foundation to the love of justice. We are completely responsible themselves and alone for the world. The equality remains to a fantasy as long as we are not responsible for them. Words can be developing into ideas, which can be brought into motion and disseminated and so it cannot blot out. Exists no other way than exert the force over the control of fear today? Should words did not regain to relevance, honesty and truthfulness? […]

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