Demonstrate love

If so much love for one’s fellow man can exist – and I’m certainty that this is indeed the case – why then does such an abundance of hatred, fear and discord also persist? Is there some strange alchemy that requires so many divergent passions and qualities to be present in each and every one of us? What possible benefit can be provided by this peculiar array of virtues and vices?

I suppose, at the appropriate time, they all perform a service deemed necessary in certain situations. Hatred enables the function of combat, the means to fight and defeat the enemy. Fear promotes caution and  even flight if the feeling becomes overwhelming. Discord suggests an extreme dissatisfaction with how things stand and a desire to alter them through physical or mental struggle.

As for love, well, that’s the hardest one to fathom. Let’s just say it’s there to prevent or to clear up the mess that the others leave behind. But even the greatest love cannot work its magic without a proper framework in which to operate. It needs some form of feedback, the positive or negative signals that tell whether things are going well – or badly – as it fumbles its way through some of the most complex and tortuous predicaments known to humankind.

As an example, here’s one system that exhibits the sort of ‘tough love’ which might be considered entirely appropriate for the task it faces.


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