Benji Bear and Friends

سکس- خنده دارI have friends from many countries and cultures. I am interested in theoretical physics and encounter many people with very divergent ideas. Some people have strange religious beliefs. Some strange scientific ones.

Sometimes scientists get very animated in their discussions over which theories are best. Some even start feuds over whether issues such as whether the world is made of circles or triangles, or whether plants or robots have emotions. Sometimes science V religion can be a hot topic. or Easter mysticism V western science.

On the whole we try to have rules to keep things civil and build knowledge. No two people think exactly alike and no individual goes through life without changing an opinion. One way we keep things civil is by socializing with people and talking about our fears and triumphs. People like to be heard and cared for. Some researchers spend so much time on their science they neglect their home life. Without the intellectual and social stimulation of my many online friends I would likely go bonkers or have to travel long distances to meet like minds. Like most things the web can be used for great evil or great good.

Peace to all,

Graham P