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From Iran and Israel, live in istanbul


I was born in Tel Aviv, my family is from Tehran, they left Iran at the revolution time, and since then could never go back,all my life i lived in “Iranian small island” my parents made from there new home in the middle of Tel Aviv (the music, the movies, the language the accent, the […]

We are closer than we think ..

I am a Turkish origin Australian citizen from Sydney. We play this lively dance song  (tell us about Iran one) in Turkey at every wedding and in all the happiest occasions. We go crazy when this plays. In fact I always thought this was a Turkish music, I think we all do. It’s just so ingrained […]

What about some free LOVE

I have tears in my eyes!! This is such a great sign from people full of love! Let’s show the leaders in all countries that we love each other and we will not fight against brothers and sisters!! From Afghanistan to all Armenians I love you (turkish citizen). LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!! سکس چت […]