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کانال سکسی تلگرام

تلگرام کانال سکسی

  کانال سک 30 داستان سکسی – تو ی شرکت تبلیغاتی ب عنوان ی تلگرام – عکس کردن سکسی دختر ایرانی تبلیغات که درکانال قرارمیگیردراتاییدیارد نمیکنیم صحتشان را خودتان بررسی کنید آدرس بات تعرفه تبلیغات در اینج ارتباط با ما هماهنگی تبلیغات تنها در روزهای […]

Stop the wars


Our governments do that, but not in our name. I’m from Italy, I met some very nice Israelis and unfortunately none from Iran so far, but I still have time! Everyone can and should love people from all over the world. I DO NOT WANT THE BOMBING OF IRAN that all the rich evil governments […]

Separation and connection


Dear People of the world, Herewith I would like to share a Persian poem with you, written by Rudaki: Although my heart is full of the sorrow of separation, Joy mixed with your sorrow increases my unhappiness, Every night I think of you and say, O Lord: Here is separation and there is connection. I recommend to travel both […]

love is the answer!

i’m really impressed and touched of your idea! it feeds hope, that there can be another world, another global community which is based on love, solidarity, peace and respect. let’s show the fews, which poison us with their greed, hatred and warfare, that we – the most – want a change! shalom!   Ellin – […]

The Only Way to Win

Remember this: War is a game, played by those who do not have to fight. In 2012, there is no reason to kill each other for the past. We are all doing the best we can with what we have at this moment. Do not believe them when they say, it’s inevitable, it’s the way it’s […]

To all Israelies and Iranians

Hi everyone! My name is Svein and I’m from Norway. I heard about this blog through a christian newpaper here in Norway, and I think this is the most wonderful thing. I want to say to all Iranians and Israelies that the poeple of Norway loves you very very much, and we hope your leaders […]

Greetings From Mount Of The Olives

We Love Iranians, We love each and every human being on this planet. Greetings From Mount Of The Olives Two Israelis, A Dutch man, South African, Two Americans   سکس چت تهران چت اصفهان چت فیلم سکسی مشهد چت جوان ايراني گی فیلم سکس کانال پورن تلگرام