Dear Israelis and Iranians

کردنه مشتری

Dear Israelis and Iranians

Happy Persian New year.

I know this blog will be read by not millions but thousands and thousand smart and influentuial people as well as governmental agencies from both sides. so lets get to the point.

I deliver oil and gas projects and I have a very friendly and positive and let me help you attitude towards anybody and everybody. So I base all my judgments based on good gesture from both sides of Iranian and Israeli people and government.

If an issue exists it has to be resolved, if a problem persists it has be solved, if a disease exists it has to be cured. the Job has to be done.

The issue right now is the suffering of the Persian people due to the sanctions from the global powers and without any reason war mongering between both great nations of Iran and Isreal and a fear of a potential war which will take away loved ones and destroy civilizations and ….

The way to resolve this issue is pretty simple. very simple. a couple of steps, steps of good gesture, steps of good will from both governments of Iran and Israel. The only sufferers from the war mongering between Iran and Israel is the people of both nations. Other nations abuse this situation and as opportunists try to get as much as they can from this issue. So why instead if war mongering and hate , replace it with help, love, caring and giving a hand to each other. to build each others nation in every possible way.

The most technological advanced, best friend, strategically and politically with great historical and political ties for the government and people of Iran , is the Government and People of Isreal. If we two are together , we can build the best nations of the world. A greater Israel and a better Iran.

For having this Iranian Israeli Unity their is a couple of steps which both governments can take and with the support of their people have a happy ending. Which government comes forward , I hope its both at the same time. If the following steps are taken it will solidify the real great nature of both two nations. Nations based on a historic exemplary of national greatness. As an engineering project I can simply the following items due to comment:

1- The Iranian Government recognizes the State of Israel.

2-The Israeli Government recognizes Iran as the long back close friend and a key player in global politics.

3-The westerners stop sanctions put on the Iranian Government and people which has made life for Iranians hard inside and outside of Iran.

4-Start free flow of business and goods (e.g. New Passenger Planes for transport) into Iran and help the people of Iran to enjoy their natural god given oil and gas resources as well as then share it with the Israeli Nation instead of support to their enemies.

5-Iranian Government use its power and influence in order to stabilize the middle east and take away all the fear the Israeli people have in their daily life and help the Israeli Government and people towards a piece full nations between all its neighbors.

6-I imagine the rest will be a good, peacefulness, full of love, construction, caring ,…history…

I hope this comment will be read with good will from both sides and see that my opinions come from a positive and friendly nature based on good will which is the only one solution to resolving years of war mongering. I enjoy to hopefully one day see positive news about advancements in both our nations peoples daily life.

Hope for a greater Israel and a better Iran. The Iranian-Israeli Unity.

Wish you all happy Persian new year. a year full of joy, prosperity, warmness and love for all of our families and people.