We must overcome our fears

Shalom Aleikum!

My name is Holger and I live in Berlin. I want to express my heartfelt solidarity with all the people in the Middle East who want to live in peace with their neighbors. In 1999 I have traveled to India by land and came across Iran where I was humbled by the hospitality of the people I met. I am not willing to believe that there is hatred in the hearts of the people on either side of the Jordan river. But I understand that if you feel your life being threatened by some foreign country you hope your government will protect you.

HolgerThis is the vicious circle of the region that does not only endanger the lives of thousands of civilians but also gives many governments in western countries a pretext to restrict civil liberties for the sake of alleged protection against the threat from extremist groups that abuse the Middle East conflict for their own goals. That is why this issue does not only concern the people of the Middle East but in any other country, too. We all live in the same world. I pray that some day the peaceful people of this planet will take over control of their governments and stop the aggression against their neighbors. It is so good to see that there is an active peace movement in Israel!

Best wishes and good luck from Germany.