Swedish Jewish Dialogue – WE LOVE ISRAEL AND IRAN

Swedish Jewish Dialogue made a contribution for co-existence after the Israel Manifestation at Sergels Torg, Stockholm Sweden. In the organization we are Jews from Iran, Sweden and non Jews. When we have demonstrated against ship to Gaza we have always used the Iranian flag alongside the israeli flags in order  to promote and demonstrate the diversity of  the support for Israel.

Swedish Jewish Dialogue has positioned itself as the only independent and  prominent Pro-Israeli NGO in Scandinavia. With our strategy, highly extended and exerted working-models – SJD generate deep impact in our core issues.


We want to:

  • Legitimatize the State of Israels existence.
  • Create a balanced view regarding the State of Israel.
  • Create positive attitude towards  Jewish jewelry to promote co-existence.
  • Promote the unique LGBT movement of State of Israel.
  • Represent diversity of ethical, theologically and cultural divisions .
  • Promote Trade & Financial, Education & Tourism within the Israeli markets outreach.
  • SJD is creating an open dialogue at Elementary Schools, High Schools & Universities.