People power versus insanity

Hi, I am Richard from Australia and I live in Austria. But it doesn’t matter where I come from or where I live, this wonderful website is for the whole world. That’s because the looming Israel-Iran conflict threatens the whole world.

Our politicians are pretending that there is no alternative to war. They are like little boys responding to their hormones (testosterone). At some point, even little boys discover that their real strength lies not in cowardly, short-sighted violence, but in peaceful conflict resolution based on mutual respect. Little boys may never understand that idea, let alone put it into action, if caring adults don’t teach them and show them.

Sometimes our political leaders seem like little boys wearing suits and ties. We the people must show them how to control their violent instincts and pursue a rational long-term strategy of international collaboration and respect. We need to teach them that in a globalised world the best interests of the people that elected them cannot be separated from the interests of people in other countries. It follows that war is always evil and stupid, no matter what sophisticated excuses are invented for it. The internet gives us a new chance to put that message across to a large number of people.

We do not know whether this conflict can be stopped, but if public pressure of this kind keeps up, at some point future conflicts will be stopped and the general insanity of war, anywhere, anytime, will be exposed. Israel’s plan for a pre-emptive strike must be rejected 100%. There is absolutely no excuse for such an action. Similarly, Iran’s refusal to recognize Israel must be completely rejected completely and unconditionally. Websites like this can help the Iranian people to get rid of any government that proposes such an insane foreign policy. Zero tolerance for intolerance! Peace is the only answer.