Peace From USA

دو کیرهI am a 25 year old women from the US. I am married and I am finishing my second college degree. I enjoy what everyone in the world enjoys, that is, living my day to day life, and wishing to not have to live it in fear. Recently, in the US News there is talk of Israel PM pushing for the US to join them in a strike. I am opposed to this and hope Obama chooses not to do this, in hopes it may stop the Israel government from attacking as well.

I don’t know everything about the world. But I know war is horrible. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I love all the people and cultures of the world and I am excited and humbled to find a site where like minded people want to start a discussion, stop war, and understand one another. This is the first step. It feels as if my own country is always at war or invading another country, or using drones attacks. I want people to know, it is not the people of the US doing this, it is our government and a limited amount of people who are consumed with hate and fear.

I don’t know how to communicate how afraid and saddened I am by the idea of war, but I want everyone to know I don’t support any attack or war and I wish peace to everyone. Also, I am touched to see so many people who believe in humanism.