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عکس سکس زنان روسی

Think about this for a sec… take two people from two different state (lets say Iran and Israel) take away the language difference. Put both of them in the same place (so they now see each other), ask them to ignore what they are being told via the media (don’t ever trust the media it  uses fear for self preservation, same as politics). Now, what you have probably two people that want to have peaceful life, find a spouse, successfully raise kids (which will consume most of their sleep time and energy) and die in peace knowing their kids can do the same.  so what do you think will happen if they’ll be located in the same place?

Most of the time we’re being told we are different, most of the time the other is pictured as someone we can’t trust. Why? mainly because it serve an interest (media, politics, security…). the thing is that we are very much alike and we want the same thing. using the power of the web and social networking we can finally use our commonality to derive a change that brings us closer together.