Thank you all for this wonderful birthday present

To all the wonderful people on this site! It is my birthday today and I asked God for a very special gift as I had been given.

I just stumbled across this site and my heart opened up wide with joy and love and thankfulness for this wonderful idea and all the personal signs and messages of love and good will across the nations.

My belief is that reality starts and is formed within our hearts and minds and that that which we give our attention to will grow and become real in the outer world. I am AMAZED and absolutely JOYOUS about so many people extending their wish for peace and reaching out their hands to each other! May God, Allah, Yehova bless everybody on this site and may peace prevail on this beautiful earth.


Niloofar Behbudi Tajrish, Tehran, Iran


Shalom, Salam, Peace, Frieden to you all…