Lets forgive past and put our energy into making better future together.

In my life, I heard many people talking about human mistakes, horrors and wars happened in the past. When these people talking about hurtful stories from past I saw their face and body looked very upset, angry, uneasy and unhappy.

Persian-dokhtarI realized these people got their minds stuck in the hurtful events in the past. They keep bringing those old memories to this day without realizing it causes them great pain and unhappiness. Then I realized these people have no forgiveness and therefore are not free. Because they can not forgive and let go, they seem to stuck in their memories of the past and remain unhappy today as well. I thought, what a waste of precious human life spent in hatred instead of forgiveness and moving onto the next chapter.

I thought these people imprison themselves into the past memories and experience which no one can change. I thought, why they dwell in the past, don’t they realise nobody can change the past, what’s the use of dwelling in the past? I am hoping this movement can challenge people who may find themselves stuck in what’s happened in the past and help them free and release themselves from thinking about the past. I hope everybody can realise past has already gone and we can never catch it again. I hope everybody realise today will also pass and we must make sure we do good things today and do the “best” we can.

Best Wishes.