Connection between draft EU censorship

“Connection between draft EU censorship regulation and CFR lobbying for aggressive war against Iran – peace needs transparency”

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

the militarist Council on Foreign Relations ( (or parts of it) is lobbying for aggressive war against Iran. Several decisive CFR members are also members of the militarist Bilderberg network (, which will meet at Haifa at June 2012.

I request you, to support the confidence building between Israel, Iran, USA, and China, and to attract full media coverage to the Bilderberg meeting in June 2012 at Haifa. Peace needs transparency on these groups.

And the draft EU censorship regulation needs to be stopped.

We have made an article on this issue, and on the connection to a draft European censorship regulation by the EU Commission in cooperation with the European Council on Foreign Relations (

With friendly greetings,

Volker Reusing
Thorner Str. 7
42283 Wuppertal (Germany)