My heart, my thoughts and I believe in us! We’ll never give up

The peace has an end for which we all can be responsible, which end we want! At the start of a war, one leaves the unpredictable end to the dark fate and nobody knows -how matter powerful he is- how the end might look like. Each individual is responsible for his deeds, a war we cannot asses the consequences of the deeds.

Loss will occur, humanely, mentally and naturally, how high that wills, nobody knows. The choice and the way is ours, whether we want to reach the heart by weapons or peace, whether we want a life in hate or love. One of them will be stronger. This campaign shows very impressive what the heart really decides for, for what love is themselves willing resolutely to commit, the hate to climb, the weapons to remain in silent, to grant no longer the war a new start and to flourish the peace. I think here is more potential as we dare to imagine.

My heart, my thoughts and I believe in us!