Mexican Jews Love Iran, Thanya and Iirt, from Mexico

Thanya and Iirt, from Mexico

We were part of a project called Peacemakers that brings 40 teenagers in Israel: 10 mexican jews, 10 israeli jews, and 20 arab israelis. The main purpose of this project is to discuss the situation in the Middle East, but most of all, to make friends and realize that the differences don’t have to separate us, in fact, they can bring us closer together.

As jews, we had the chance to know the other side of the story and of the conflict and not only what is shown in the media or what we are taught at school. We made strong relationships with arabs, some that will last forever and we learned to put away the prejudices and stereotypes. We know the nuclear threat is a terrible thing for Israel, but we also know that the people from Iran are not guilty for the decisions the government has made as well as the israelis are not guilty for their government’s actions. we should learn to live in COEXISTENCE, promoting dialogue over fighting.