L. Frankovski

My whole life i said to myself: “If life is like this: “Hirarchy, only the strong survives etc.” i hate it and won´t support it with an own family. I did cruel things to myself and to others because of this thinking. While the last two months i woke up slowely and became able to see the real proportions of good and evil. I collected many informations about the secret societies of this world and their goal to kill 90 % of our kind for getting able to enslave the rest.

Since february i think about how to inform as much people as possible about this danger, about the real danger of a 3. worldwar and now i see this site and i know which message is important. I will spread it because it is not only a chance to prevent a war between Israel and Iran. This message is our best and maybe our last chance for peace worldwide. Let us all take it!