China loves the World!

Hi everybody,

I was born in America to Cantonese parents, and I’ve resided in Beijing for the past fifteen years. There was mass hysteria (okay, I’m exaggerating a bit) about China and Russia’s veto of a resolution for Syria. I understand China and Russia’s intentions, but I condemn any violence that is occurring, no matter which side it’s coming from. This website is dedicated to peace within the Middle East, and I, too, believe that this goal is entirely attainable if we are able to regard people from other nations, cultures, ethnicities, territories, religions, and backgrounds and everything else, as our equals, while also refraining from judging an individual simply by a “group” that s/he might belong to.

Evidently, I have my own opinions about governments from here or there or wherever, but please know that even though I’m Chinese, I support Americans and Russians and South Africans and Malians and Jamaicans and Australians and Venezuelans and Monacans. Your governments’ actions don’t represent who you are and your beliefs. Hopefully this extension of a “helping hand” (if you will) will allow you to see China in the same light.

Having said that, I’m not like “most Chinese people”. I’m educated in an international school and my opinion by no means represents that of the masses, and those who are educated locally. China is a developing country, and though poverty ravages the nation and there are deceitful people everywhere here, I have found that everyone I have come across is truly remarkable. There is no huge veil covering our eyes and preventing us from seeing the world. We understand politics from around the world and we use our own brains to figure things out. I had one of the most enlightening conversations with a local taxi driver.

This website, this organisation, and this cause is so important for me as a person. It eliminates judgment. It promotes peace. And at the core of it all is unity.

As a Chinese, I hope you take my word and believe that China loves the world.