As a former soldier of Israel

As a former soldier of Israel that has been fighting terror for years i can only bless this web site. I believe that most of the population from Israel, the Palestine, Iran, Siria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libia, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey think only to live peacefully whit eachother and does not want war or discrimination at all. Lets just take a look of what is going on in the USA for example: israelis and iranians are friend and often work togheter, and the same think happens beetwen israelis and sirians or people from other arab and islamic countries. Who wants the conflict in the middle east as the fear that if one day Israel and all the other arab and islamic countries will sign peace and cooperation, than the entire middle east it will become too powerfull and superior economically and politically to Europe and America. That is the only reason of why many governaments around the world dont want really pace in our beloved region. I just hope this message i am sending will touch people mind and will help some how to understand what is going on really politically from many years.

Too much years. One day when peace will be made beetwen Israel and all the arab and islamic countries, the entire middle east will be a part of a florent continent and progress will start for all the human wolwide population. Of course those are just words know after what we see that is happening for example in France whit the brutal killing of innocent people and children. But, Mr. Rabin, zichronò levrahà, as teached all of us that is in this times that we must go ahead and look for pace over those orrible happenings. I wanted also to say to those Arab people that write in this web site and have warfull words about israel and israelis: as a soldier that was in the palestinian territories and lebanon for years, i never was witness of soldiers of the david star killing in pourpose children or innocent people. If happened something like that you can just be sure that israel justice does not forgive who has bloody handsa even if those hands can be of his own sons. Of course is terrible to see israeli sodiers going inside palestinians civilians homes where children cry for fears, but, again, please think about this: i was in uniform and i was a target perfectly potentially beated by palestinian criminals. In the same time, those criminals we where in search of, where perfectly hiden whit the civilians and that is the only reason of why often you see soldiers of Israel going inside civilians houses.

We just had to find criminals that arew dressed like normal people but has guns ready to kill under theyr shirts. Besides that i hope my children will not have never to fight anymore for theyr freedom and peace and i hope i truly hope that my son will be able in the future to go to visit Iran, and Siria if he wants without the fear to be taken in hostage and killed. The first word and israeli baby learns is “SHALOM” which means “PEACE”, and a nation that teaches a so impotant word like that as the first one to theyr future generation cannot absolutely be a warfull nation. I hope soon to be able to go around the middle east whit my family, free and peacefull and the same i wish for all of you. Good bless you all my friends! Shalom!