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We are the children of the Cyrus – Arsham

We Iranians are not Sons of Khomeini. We are the children of the Cyrus the Great. Our mind, our thoughts, our vision and our love is his legacy for us. He always respected the peace, brotherhood and freedom and he always loved, protected and helped the Jewish people. So no one can expect an Iranian […]

This is Cyrus the Great …

امپراطور يونان به کوروش بزرگ گفت: ما براي شرف ميجنگيم شما براي پول.کوروش پاسخ داد:” هرکس براي نداشته هايش ميجنگد 居魯士大帝的希,說:我們是為榮譽�� �戰你的 錢 賽勒斯說:“每個人都為他的不打仗 הקיסר היווני הגדול, אמר: אנחנו נלחמים על הכבוד לך על הכסף סיירוס ענה: “כל אחד נלחם על שלו לא read more about cyrus the great سکس چت تهران چت اصفهان چت […]

We love all the people around the world !

All the people in this world love peace but some countries dont like to see the improvement of some others. This is all of the story. They want to make wars to save their power & bullying. You should read this or search more about the iran`s history to know how we were! We got […]