The Propaganda and Calls to Arms are Based on Hot Air

I am Howard G., and I live in New York City, NY- I am not a public figure, not much anyway.  I don’t get to go to the Middle East or Europe, except twice when I was a student and I worked on Israeli Kibbutzim.  I work with the political movement of Lyndon LaRouche, nominally in the Democratic Party.  Every day the Larouchepac sends people on the street to warn that an attack on Iran easily leads to a World War. The establishment has called us every dirty name in the book, so don’t be surprised if the establishment starts to fight back, but keep on trying.  A thermonuclear exchange could be over in less than an hour, with hundreds of millions or billions dead.

To listen to Ahmedinejad’s rhetoric that “the Zionist Entity” Israel will disappear, is just that, rhetoric, it should be laughed at.  Here in the USA we have much worse.  Since Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, and H.W. Bush counterattacked, every few years there is a war mobilization, with a bit of a rest during Clinton presidency.

Since Sept. 11, 2011, terrorist attacks it has been much worse, the propaganda.  Which is ironic, since all the visible links to 9-11 were to the Saudis, not Iran or Iraq.  Then they tell us that Saddam Hussein of Iraq has nuclear weapons.  Now it is Iran.  It is such a sick soap opera, usually orchestrated by the British.  The British manipulate the USA, as American brawn, and British brains.  So, how do we in the USA, of the proud American Revolution, escape the British Empire all over again?

We don’t need a big war.  We can put the US, European, and the British Financial Empire into bankruptcy reorganization, using the old 1933 US law, Glass-Steagall, meaning no bailout for the speculators, and non-deposit accounts.  Then issue credit for new and large development projects, from North America, to Siberia, to the Middle East.  I’m sure Iran could also use a Tennessee Valley Authority type project, since they have desert-like conditions in many parts of their country.

I agree we have to stop the war showdown.  I think we need alternative policies, not just a kiss, and I love you.  But, I love you is not bad, it cannot hurt. Love is a better soap opera, by far than war.