My new friend is named Shay. I love you Shay

I am a 44 y.o. female, Canadian, living in the USA.  I saw this page a few days after its started and I thought to myself a couple of things:

First, very cool idea.  So nice to see something that isn’t Politics and Ronny was so sincere.  I liked what he read. 

Second, I don’t know any Iranians and I do not know anything about Iran.  My news media tells me almost nothing and what it does say is mostly unreliable.

So I chose someone (a random Iranian dude) who had posted on your page and I sent a friend request.  He accepted.

It was 11 pm in California and 7 am in Turkey but we talked about our families and our lives, my cats, his New Year plans…all our friends could see we had never known each other before and all our friends could read what we were writing.  100 comments back and forth (visible to everyone on his page and mine) we were friends.

After only 100 comments…we are now PEOPLE to each other.  More same than different.  We send music to each other and check in daily to say Hello.

Understanding is the flip side of fear.  Shay is now my new friend.  Why wouldn’t he be ??

I suggest to everyone to do what I did.  Just try it.  Maybe it won’t work, but I think it will.