Take a camera, a phone, and upload your story

Take a camera, a phone, and upload your story
30 sec to one minute, just a glimpse , …it will change the world

We have started with one poster. one image. Now we’ve got thousands of images.
Let’s turn these images into stories. Let’s hear the voices behind the pictures.
Share your day to day, show where you live, the street, your house, your shoes, your kitchen, the basket ball team you like. Share with us your story. Let s show the world that we are real people.


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  • Ulin L. says:

    Ich versuche jetzt zum dritten Mal meine Nachricht zu übermitteln, aber sie wird immer wieder gelöscht. Eine Nachricht an sorry. Es gibt in jedem Land gute und schlechte Menschen und ich verurteile jede böse Tat, die hier auf Erden geschieht. Auf dieser Seite wollen sich aber die friedliebenden, guten Menschen miteinander verbinden. Ich umarme Dich und wünsche Dir auch Frieden und Liebe.

  • sorry says:

    first of all thank you for your video-message…
    with regret, I must nonetheless express my thoughts about the sentence “we all live here together in peace”..
    sorry germany, but that isn’t true. you can’t live in peace in germany, when you’re a muslim, when you’re black, when you’re jewish…
    your big commitment for this campaign is respectable…
    but we people of color in germany have to suffer under discrimination, rasicm, islamophobia and antisemitism every day, although most of us were born in germany, grew up in germany…
    since november 2011 it’s official:
    the nationalist socialist underground (NSU) killed 9 people of turkish and greek origin between 2000 and 2006..
    and how state institutions were involved to extents is still unknown..

    the shock of a few weeks turned in endless debates about integration of non-germans again…

    fight for peace between israel and iran…there is nothing bad about it. but please…do something in your own country as well…germany has a big racism problem, which not only exists in radical right movements, but directly in the center of the german society… fight it. share love.

  • Ulin L. says:

    Danke für diese mutige Nachricht. Ich kann diese Aussage nur unterstützen. Leider gibt es viele Deutsche die das gleiche denken, aber Angst haben frei zu reden. Sind wir wirklich ein freies Land?

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دانلود فیلم سکسی
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