We are neighbors by chance.  We are dear friends by choice.  We live and LOVE intertwined in each other’s daily care.

WE are the leaders of our respective nations.

The consciousness of solidarity and co-responsibility calls to us — and it calls to you!  Without these there can be no liberty for all.  Respect.  Listen.  Love.  War is NOT an Option.

Iranian Israeli and american friends live in peace


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  • Monica says:

    G-d bless all. Enough garbage, every day there is suffering of the innocent all over the world. Enough.

  • Kamyar says:

    Great job ladies!

    It is becoming clear that we are at the dawn a new age for mankind. We as a whole are becoming much more aware of the problems which surround us and the misrepresentations and distortions made by our elected leaders and media. When a leader no longer represents the consensus of it’s people it is the responsibility of the people to take action and make their position known!

    I dream of a brave new world where we are all apart of a global community. Where nationalism, hatred, corruption, greed, and fear are obsolete.

    I don’t believe 2012 to be the end of the world. But rather the end of an old way of thinking. A new level of consciousness is upon us!

    Once again thank you ladies for taking initiative and taking a small step to making this beautiful planet of our a better place to live!

  • Reza says:

    Ich finde die Initiative einfach toll. Schade, dass wir nicht eher darauf gekommen sind. Ich hoffe, es ist nicht zu spät.

    Es gibt keinen gerechten Krieg und es gibt auch keine Rechtfertigung für einen Krieg.

    Kriege morden nicht nur sie prodizieren auch Mörder. Das haben wir vor 2 Wochen in Afganistan erlebt und vor Paar Tagen auch in Frankreich.

    Krieg ist keine Option.

  • Beth Goodman says:

    I know that your families live directly and loving sustained by one anothers care and nurturing. Thank you for being a force for peace and an example to live by.
    Love, Beth

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